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Coverage of important issues of future specialists’ professional training of different branches and perspective ways of solving pedagogical problems; studying and analyzing foreign experience concerning professional training; psychological and pedagogical conditions of effectiveness of educational activities for students (cadets); lifelong professional learning; peculiarities of teaching professionally-oriented linguistic subjects; the importance of specialists’ physical training during the formation of professional reliability and readiness to perform professional tasks; introduction of innovative approaches to vocational education in the context of European integration into the educational process.

ISSN 2522-1477

Certificate of state registration of printed mass media:  КВ №22644-12544Р from 26.04.2017 Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Bulletin is included in Professional Publications List of Ukraine (Order of MSE of Ukraine
from April, 4, 2018, № 326

Bulletin is reviewed by Ukrainian reviewed journal «Dzherelo» (founders: Institute of Information Registration Problems of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadskyi), Google Scholar.


Frequency: 2 times a year

Language of the edition: Ukrainian, English, Russian

Founder: National Aviation University, Flight Academy of NAU

Editor-in-chief: Tetiana Plachynda – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Deputy Editor-in-Chief:  Olena Moskalenko  – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Executive secretary: Oksana Ursol – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences